International Maritime Film Festival,
Exploration and Environment


50e International Maritime Film Festival,
Exploration and Environment

2 – 3 and 4  May  2019

Secrets of the Universe … Environment … Dive … Extreme Limit …

Sustainable development… Ethnography… Flora and fauna… Caving… Archaeology…

Dear friends, directors and producers,

You are urged to participate in our 50th edition by registering your works. Projections of movies, photos and debates will liven up this big meeting of the adventure, the discovery of people and big spaces.

Essential contemporary witness of the last explorations and the recent scientific discoveries, the festival has little by little, thanks to your films, makes decrease on the card the whitish tasks of the unknown lands.

With your cameras, “pens” to write and keep the time, you work not only for you but still for us all.

Directors, explorers and sometimes learned you make us dream, often think and always you surprise us. This year still, let us not doubt it, there will be this secret alchemy between the spectators and your images which are the “Memory of the World”.

Thanks to these realized in often very difficult conditions, we will cross together the borders of inaccessible extreme and, through them, we shall reach a better approach Of our World Making discover or discover again with its multiple transformations, its mysteries and sometimes its nonsense.

Baudouin Varennes – Managing director


« When man has cut the last tree, polluted the last drop of water, killed the last animal and caught the last fish, then he will realize that money can’t be eaten »  (Indian proverb)


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