International Maritime Film Festival,
Exploration and Environment


The Memory of the World: an alchemy secret


Dear public,

For 65 years, you discover, with us, the world, its populations, its mysteries and its legends. Archaeology and caving, conquest of the extreme depths and exploitation of the oceans, defense of the heritage, the naval fights and its wrecks, animal life, flora and fauna make you every year react and reflect.

4 days to try to discover  some secrets of the universe and the various ethnic groups through our planet, but also to denounce the misdeeds of the man on our environment.

Essential contemporary witness of the last explorations and the recent scientific discoveries, the festival has little by little, thanks to the presented films, makes decrease on the card the whitish tasks of the unknown lands.

With his camera the «director – explorer» and sometimes scholar works not only for him but also for all of us.

This 50th edition cannot be a complete success without the massive participation of schoolchildren and students who will transform the Neptune Palace into a huge volcano of sensations.

Finally, exhibitions, photographic contests, lectures and debates will support, if still needed, this great annual event for true image lovers.

Welcome to Toulon where adults or young people own Jules Verne’s motto:

“Nothing is done great that is an exaggerated hope”

Baudouin Varennes – Directeur général

Toulon on January 18, 2019